Health & Safety In Boracay

The most common danger in Boracay is the heat and sun , so drink lots of water to stay hydrated and wear sunblock if you have fair skin. A reminder that alcohol dehydrates the body, so drinking alcohol is no substitute for water! You should try to drink bottled water, as there was an outbreak of coliform in 1997 and is still sometimes prevalent, causing stomach cramps, diaorrhea and vomiting.

The Metropolitan Doctors Medical Clinic [tel. (036) 288-6357] is located on the island, which is open 24 hours,  and boasts of providing quality care.  They have a hotline that can be dialed through the landline HOTLINE 116.  as well as a police station [tel. (166) 288-3066].

Petty crime can and does happen here on the island. Protect your valuables and don't leave them lying around. Items left on the beach at night (while swimming) are likely to disappear too.

Solicitation for companionship, although technically illegal, is not only tolerated but sometimes promoted depending on the hour and location. Although some might not want this associated with Boracay, it does have some issues involving crime that happen almost on a daily basis to even the most sublime of tourists.
  • Do NOT ever accept the offer of a 'girl/boy' from a tricycle driver. This usually ends in a customer finding many of his valuables missing or being taken to places and 'asked' for his pocket contents.
  • Keep an eye on your possesions in the room; pawn shops on Boracay are filled to the brim with items lifted out of tourists rooms.
  • Please refrain from midnight beach romance, that dark corner of the beach will likely have more parties than yourself and with far less money than yourself.
  • Do not allow a hired date to bring you drinks; although rare, there are people that remember nothing of the night with minimal alcohol. Missing money, passport, and valuables of course.
Regardless of what PR they would like to control, this is a thriving industry on Boracay where few if any victims have ever reported crimes beyond their resort managers.

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