Culture In Boracay

Boracay is a small beautiful island located away from the northwestern corner of the Panay Island. It is located in the west Visayas archipelago, off the Sibuyan Sea in Phillipines. This small thousand hectare island is equipped with clean azure waters and the powder white sands and a rich marine life under the sea. It is paradise for the sea lovers and tourists who need a true break from the rigorous life in the cities.


The people of Boracay are very laid back and friendly. Most waiters will go out of their way to satisfy, making you feel quite welcome and at home. Some locals will be offering you activities to book whilst strolling along the beach. Others will be offering massages, jewellery, seafood and quick snacks. Usually they remember your face and don't ask you more than once that day.


A enticing spread of cuisine's are on offer around D-mall, Boracays main centre, where you will find clothes and souvenir shops as well as a variety of cafe's and fine dining restaurants. Dining on the beach side outside D-mall is especially blithe, laying back listening to the live band is a great way to finish the evening.

Catching a trike to each Boat station can be an interesting experience but beware the fare. Prices do vary and sometimes it may be difficult to negotiate the usual price increase which occurs after midnight. There is no need to worry too much about it as the difference is minor when you convert it to most currencies and not even worth fussing over. It is also a good idea to be prepared for tipping on your arrival before reaching Caticlan. Stow several 20 peso notes handy as it is customary to tip for porters carrying your luggage and sometimes there can be more than one transfer till you reach your final destination.
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