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Boracay Tourist Information Center

Boracay is perfectly the “island in the sun” with its shimmering blue waters, powder-like white sand, the towering palm trees, the lush green hills and the silent horizon in the background gently beckoning you to this paradise…

Boracay is one of the most beautiful islands of Philippines. It belongs to the Western Visayas island-group, or Region 6, of the country and is located off the north-west corner of the Panay Island. The picturesque island is one of the most popular tourist destinations and is under the administrative control of the Philippine Tourism Authority. Get to learn more about the island from the Boracay Tourist Information Center in AsiaRooms.com.

Reaching Boracay is Easy:

Boracay Tourist Information Center suggests the tourists to go to Boracay by flight. It is the quickest and the easiest way to get here. Although a bit expensive, the two major airports of Boracay, the Caticlan Airport and the Kalibo Airport serve the air-routes to Boracay. Reaching Boracay by the sea-route can also prove to be quite adventurous with the ferry services between Manila and Caticlan. In the island, there are a lot of options starting from tricycles to motorbikes to take you around the place.

Boracay Welcomes You Anytime:

Boracay has a lot of events and festivals lined up all through the year. The high season is from December to April starting with the Christmas celebrations and continuing up to the Ati Atihan Festival and different sports competitions and events. The summer months in Boracay will offer you the best sun-bathing and ruffling cool breeze at the beach-side. July to November is considered to be the off-seasons and the cheapest time to visit the island. If you are an appreciator of the silent beauties of nature, then October and November gifts you with the best sunsets of the island.

A Lot to Do in Boracay:

There’s a lot to do in the island of Boracay and you will never feel it’s enough. The enchanting boat trips around the island, swimming, snorkeling, horse riding, mountain biking or just basking in the sun. And, after having a fun-filled day, it’s still not enough as nightlife out in this island is also a great attraction. With all the bars and nightclubs lined along the beach, it’s really party-time in the middle of the night. And, if you want to stay away from the noise and music, a pleasant peaceful walk along the moon-lit beach will also rest your tired soul.

The beachfront restaurants has a wide variety of food in their platter—Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Korean, as well as Filipino.

Comfortable Stay at Boracay:

There are various kinds of staying options at Boracay. Hotels at Boracay cater to the various needs of the different travelers and are quite budget-friendly. Le Soleil, The Greenhouse, Fridays and so on are a bit high-class hotels. A bit more budget-conscious are hotels like Sunshine Place, Mika’s Place and Red Coconut Resort.

Boracay Tourist Information Center suggests that Boracay is the perfect place to go on a tour with your family or friends. The memory of this wonderful place that you are going to bring back with you is obviously going to be a cherishable lifetime asset.
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