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Culture In Boracay

Boracay is a small beautiful island located away from the northwestern corner of the Panay Island. It is located in the west Visayas archipelago, off the Sibuyan Sea in Phillipines. This small thousand hectare ...

Boracay Tourist Information Center

Boracay is perfectly the “island in the sun” with its shimmering blue waters, powder-like white sand, the towering palm trees, the lush green hills and the silent horizon in the background gently ...

When to Go in Boracay

Boracay is a place of beautiful beaches and sunsets enjoyable at all times of the year. In Boracay, as with much of Southeast Asia, there are only two seasons: wet and ...

Health & Safety In Boracay

The most common danger in Boracay is the heat and sun , so drink lots of water to stay hydrated and wear sunblock if you have fair skin. A reminder that alcohol dehydrates the body, so drinking alcohol is no ...
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