Golf In Boracay

Boracay considered as nature’s gift to Philippines does not only enthralls the tourists with Sand, Sea and Sun. It is also a place for great entertainment on its terrestrial surface. The island offers a variety of sports from Beach Volleyball to Horse Riding and Tennis to Golf. It’s a place away form the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For the golf lovers Boracay has the best golf course in Philippines. An afternoon with Golf in Boracay is great fun for the elite class.

Boracay has two championship courses stretching across the 131 hectare of lush gren lawns. The Fairways and Blue waters is a golfer’s paradise. Built on the 65 year old mango orchard, this 19 hole par 72 world class golf course offer its visitors an afternoon of great golfing. Graham V. Marsh the great golfer was the architect of this international standard golf course. It assures the golfers with an energizing golfing experience.

The lush green lawn is complemented well with the water features created by living sea water gurgling from the creeks and meandering through the channels. The golf course also offers a good view of the waterfall that forms a foaming lake.

Golf in Boracay is fun in a relaxing environment. This semi private Golf course is situated on the Newcoast in Boracay. Tours can be arranged on special request to this splendidly maintained golf course which in the due course of time is expected to be a venue for some international professional golfing.

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