What & Where To Eat

Boracay is the most serene and beautiful tropical island in Philippines. The place is famous for eating joints. The several eating joints offer not only the local flavors but international cuisines from all over the world. The beach side restaurants to several other expensive air conditioned food joints are popular in Boracay. What or Where to eat in Boracay includes a number of food joints from several countries.

The food joints in Boracay provide a lot of cuisines ranging from the local traditional to the international ones. A visitor is never confused when he thinks about what or where to eat in Boracay. There are a number of options for the visitors. Among the local eateries mention can be made of Alice in Wonderland, Becca's Café & Restaurant, Club Ten Bistro Bar & Restaurant, Fridays Restaurant & Bar Golden Bamboo Neca Prince Hendrik Café Red Coconut Bar & Restaurant San Mig Pub Boracay Toro (El).

Alice in Wonderland Restaurant is a Japanese owned restaurant. The cuisine is a blend of the local and the foreign flavors. The best quality of the restaurant is that it remains open 24hrs. The Fridays Restaurant & Bar, Boracay offers the best menu and wine varieties in entire Philippines. The Club Ten Bistro Bar & Restaurant, Boracay offers the best sandwiches and Filipino breakfasts. What or what to eat in Boracay doesn't end here.

Among the international cuisine provider in Boracay mention can be made of: Ofukurosan Restaurant, Boracay which covers the best flavors from Japan. Sashimi, sushi, ramen, udon and soba are the foods that are mainly highlighted in the restaurant.The Capannina (La) Restaurant; Boracay's original cuisine includes salads, pastas, pizzas, grilled items. The restaurant is a Italian eatery. Steakhouse Boracay Restaurant is a mixture of Austrian, Swiss German and, Special Breakfasts, Fillet and Barbecue. The Wreck Bar (The) serves continental European food. True Food Restaurant is a Indian food joint where people love to have the Rogan josh. The lamb prepared in tomato is a favorite for many visitors. A question like what or where to eat is always solved.

Eating out in Boracay is a pleasure and the island can be called a real gastronome island.
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