Bars & Pubs In Boracay

Boracay boasts of an excellent array of bars and pubs which offer the guests with some of the best in food, wine and music. In fact, the tourists trotting through Philippines would rank the bars and pubs in Boracay as some of the best in the country. The nightclubs in the island are equipped with every element to promise a relaxing evening.

Most of the bars in Boracay are nestled along the picturesque coastline, providing the guests with excellent views to complement the food and drink served. The bars and pubs in the island are tropical in every essence, be it their décor, or the flavors which they serve. One has a host of options here as numerous destinations cluster along the coast inviting the tourists for a truly festive experience.

The bars and pubs in Boracay range from tiny beach side bars to posh nightclubs. While the classy resorts provide bars which come with dazzling lights and skilled jockeys, the modest shanties along the coast offer a different experience with their bamboo décor and ethnic music which pulsates with a sweet native air. The island possesses numerous bars and pubs of which a few are listed below:

Bom Bom Bar: Bom Bom Bar stands in a pleasant contrast to the nearby bars as it prides itself for the unique selection of music that the bar features. Bom Bom is a relaxing hangout with lovely native music to add to the pleasure of being here. The guests here simply adore the mixture of Caribbean, African and Philippine melodies floating through the air. Bom Bom offers a fine range of drinks to help one unwind himself in the lovely beach side bar.

Red Pirates Pub: The typical beach side pub gives its guests a different experience with excellent drinks and a unique décor. As lively country tunes fill the air, the guests here enjoy a fascinating evening with freshly made drinks to sip at. The pub has more than mere drinks and music to offer as it takes its guests for enchanting cruises along the Pacific coast.

Cocomangas Shooter Bar:
Cocomangas is housed in the posh Cocomangas Beach Resort, offering the tourists some of the most ingenious drinks in the island. The bar challenges its guests to keep standing even after gulping down the 15 bizarre drinks which it features. The bar possesses an excellent dance floor with skilled jockeys to promise a lively evening.

Pier One Bar: Pier One is adored by the tourists for its fine spread of food and drinks. Nestled by the White Beach, the bar offers fine views to add to the experience of dining here.

Alfon's Bar and Grill: Housed in the Boracay Regency Beach Resort, Alfon's features some of the best drinks in the island. The food served here deserves a special mention as expert chefs craft excellent recipes with the fresh tropical ingredients.

Danska Bar: This bar in Boracay offers excellent views to go with the food and drinks served. As the picturesque Pacific Coast stretches ahead, an evening here is a truly delightful experience. Danska has a fine menu which includes fresh seafood to give the diners typical tropical flavors. The bar is casually arranged to give it a relaxing and laid back air.
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