More Sports In Boracay

A visit in this divine island cannot be an enchanting experience without enjoying the number of water sports and games offered by this small island. It’s a recreational hub with a wide range of exhilarating and relaxing sports. Sailing in the crystal water, hiking in the hilly tract or a banana boat ride or enjoying a spa in the resort to relax after a a tiring day around the island.

Boracay an island full of adventure and fun is ideally set for island hopping, hiking, trekking, climbing and riding on horseback. Trekking gives one a good access to the remotest corner of the island and beaches far away from the crowded main island. The bikers find biking a great experience to move along the hill tracts and hop around the neighboring islands. Horse riding is another entertaining stuff. Horses are available on rent that can take one along the beach or the hills.

Sailing is great fun in the Bolabag beach aide by strong wind sand great water surface it’s a great delight for the sailors. Sailing can take one to the Caticlan Harbor. Sailing is a serious sports and Boracay is the host to the annual Paraw Regatta, an international sailboat race. November to March is a great time for some board sailing. It brings in a large number of enthusiastic boat sailors from different countries of the world.

After a tiring day out in the island on can take a Japanese style spa to relax and release the stress, aches and other body pains. Boracay Surf Side Beach Resort located in the 3rd Boat Station area is a good place that offers a host of features. There are other resorts which offer hot and cold showers, dry sauna, steam sauna warm pool with Jacuzzi jets for water massage and a relaxation lounge.
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