Eco Tourism In Boracay

The Crystal clear water, sugar white sand beaches and the lush green hilly tract with tall palm trees surrounding the beach gives picture of the intrinsic beauty of Boracay. The long tapering shape of the island with the Caticlan Harbor just a half hour sail by boat. There are three main boat stations on the beach front on the western side and two main roads meandering and connecting the island with roadways where jeep, motorcycles and tri cycles offer transfer.

The tropical beauty of the island is compounded by the green hills and accommodation arrangements on either side of the hills and the beaches gives one a retreat from the crowded city life to a life of tranquility and peace.

However, the development of so many resorts and the growing population is posing a serious threat to Eco Tourism in Boracay. The commercialization of the area has threatened the flora and fauna of this heavenly island. The serene beauty of the Island is in danger. The wastes left behind by the tourist have created a dumping problem. More serious is the clearing of the greeneries to pave way for accommodation. The rapid growth in population has created more congestion. If commercialization goes on unabated then it is bound to become one of the most crowded island of Southeast Asia. It is believed by the environmentalist that the neighboring areas should also be developed to strike a balance and share the tourists to avoid congestion and clearing of lands.

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There is a need to develop natural Awareness among the locals and the tourists. The Philippines Endemic Species Convservation Project was established in 1996 to promote reforestation, conservation and protection of local species. According to Prof. Dr. Eberhard Curio, the famous German ecologist, Conservation and Protection of endangered species can be achieved only through local awareness. Flying Fox is one of the most endangered species in Boracay due to large felling of trees which is their home during the day.

Eco Tourism in Boracay plays an important role in maintaining and improving the beauty of the place that can give the tourist a place worth a visit for years to come.
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