Diving In Boracay

Diving in Boracay is a thrilling experience for the one who dare to brave the sea water. Boracay is the place for them with crystal waters and a large of diving school and resorts providing excellent facilities and equipments for diving.

Boracay offers a wide range of diving activities from basic demonstrations to advanced level certifications. Boracay is the most popular diving destination in Southeast Asia. There are a large number of diving schools that provide training to the beginners and other related equipments to the divers to explore the aquatica in the sea bed.

Non divers can also have a go to explore the world under the sea with the guidance and training of the several schools that provide one day training. White Beach with beautiful white sand and gentle slopes is a perfect place to enjoy the rich marine life. These training schools arrange a diving stint in the shallow level of water in the coral reefs in the calm and well guarded environment. This one day training program includes a short introductory lecture, video clippings, shallow water equipment demonstrations and a dive with an accompanying instructor.

Diving in Boracay can be a learning experience because the schools offer an advanced level PADI certification for an Open Water Courses. The Open Water courses are designed to enable the divers to go for an adventurous dive in the deep coral reefs and go on a treasure hunt under the deep sea water. For these certified divers Boracay offers deep coral reefs, drift and night dives. The overnight dive safaris are organized by several diving schools all around the island.

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Diving lessons are given in several languages to help divers belonging to different nationalities get a training to enjoy the adventure under the sea. Visitors in Boracay leave with a magical experience of the island after a dive into the sea and this is one that makes Boracay a delightful place for the water loving people.
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