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Adventure And Recreation In Boracay

Windsurfing In Boracay

Windsurfing in Boracay is the most adventurous and the greatest attraction for the tourists and the sport lovers. The crystal clean water of the Sibuyan Sea accompanied by a strong wind provides the greatest ...

More Sports In Boracay

A visit in this divine island cannot be an enchanting experience without enjoying the number of water sports and games offered by this small island. It’s a recreational hub with a wide range of ...

Eco Tourism In Boracay

The Crystal clear water, sugar white sand beaches and the lush green hilly tract with tall palm trees surrounding the beach gives picture of the intrinsic beauty of Boracay. The long tapering shape of the ...

Diving In Boracay

Diving in Boracay is a thrilling experience for the one who dare to brave the sea water. Boracay is the place for them with crystal waters and a large of diving school and resorts providing excellent ...
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